Why do most of us fail?

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
2 min readDec 31, 2017

“Stop being average. You’re not even good. You were born to be great.”

— Eric Thomas

Take a moment and look around you. What kind of people do you see the most? The kind that are determined to achieve their dreams and aspirations or the kind that are determined to blame the world for every problem. I’m sure its the latter. Most people around us are ‘average’ — they have no drive, no energy and no accountability.

Now look inwards. Are you just like ‘most’ people? Are you ‘average’? Well, I hope not! Now that its clear that most people around you are AVERAGE and you are at least a notch BETTER than them, the question arises —

WHY do most of us fail?

We all have grand aspirations — a fancy car, the body of a Greek God or a nice raise. Most of us even get started towards these aspirations! While we devote our blood, sweat and tears towards our goals an ‘average’ passerby walks up to us and tells us ‘to stop taking it too seriously’, ‘to see the bigger picture’, ‘to take a break’. Thus begins the downfall! Owing to their large numbers average people’s opinions bombard our minds in an attempt to turn us into one of them!

Sadly, most of us give in. We listen to the ‘average’ people and lose sight of our own goals! Most of us fail because we listen to the crowd. The crowd is ‘average’ and listening to their opinion makes us one of them!

If you listen to the average, you will be average.


Here are few things that I want you to take away from this post and into the year of 2018 and beyond —

  1. You are GREAT! You are better than you can ever imagine!
  2. Most people in this world are average. They have average mentalities and expectations.
  3. Most of these people will trouble you with their opinion, but understand that their limitations are not your limitations!
  4. Remember point 1.

I wish you a very happy New Year! You are GREAT! You deserve GREAT! The road to success is a lot easier without the opinions of the crowd.

“Greatness is upon you, you better act like it.”

—Eric Thomas

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