Why disconnecting is important for reconnecting?

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I had an amazing streak too! However, other priorities demanded attention and I was forced to disconnect from (writing on) Medium. This disconnected phase made me gain some valuable insights about Medium, my writing goals and myself —

Writing was just an ‘option’ to me.


In order to succeed at something, it needs to be a commitment, an absolute must. If I want to succeed in writing I have to treat it as an absolute must!

I was not stretching my creativity.


The more I suppress my creativity, the more confined my thinking will be. Confined thinking is NOT going to take me anywhere close to my goals.

I had no strategy.


If I wish to tackle the tasks I encounter as and when they show up, I’m bound to fail. To truly succeed in a day, I need to prioritize my tasks and allocate time windows for them. Strategy is necessary for me to execute well.


You will have (or be forced) to disconnect from the some step towards your success. Instead of whining, use this time to reflect and figure out ways to reconnect. I did it with writing and found out three major action items —

  • Make writing a commitment.
  • Stretch Creativity.
  • Strategize EVERYDAY!



Self-Improvement blogger. Motivational speaker. Technology Enthusiast.

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Abhishek Rathan Athreya

Abhishek Rathan Athreya


Self-Improvement blogger. Motivational speaker. Technology Enthusiast.