Two sides of the same coin.

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
2 min readNov 24, 2017

Social Media has successfully captured all walks of our life, from interpersonal interactions to job applications! In this era of ever-changing trends one always needs to ask — ‘Is social media a boon or a bane? Is social media improving our productivity or encouraging procrastination?’ These seemingly distinct options are necessarily two sides of the same coin.

Which side of the coin holds power over you?

While you think about that question, let me give you my take on the most trending form of technology —

Social Media

I began indulging in social media over 8 years ago. I started with the popular (not so popular) Orkut platform. It served as a way to create a virtual identity, an identity everyone else would know me by. I spent endless hours looking up ‘cool’ people, writing catchy captions and reading pointless status updates! The time that I was investing on my virtual identity could have added so much value, if I had invested it on my real identity. Just when Orkut began losing charm, Facebook took over. Now, I wasn’t just building a virtual identity, I was also spending time taking quizzes such as — ‘Which breed of dog are you?’. After Facebook, came Instagram and I had a whole new reason to show off the ‘best’ parts of my life. One distraction piled on the other and I had successfully spent a significant portion of my life building an identity that I would never benefit from!

All was not in vain though, there was a silver lining! When I took up the role of Vice President Public Relations (VPPR) at Daffodils Toastmasters Club, I realized the immense potential social media had in building a brand. Social Media Marketing became an interesting pursuit and I got a chance to channel my creative energy! 50+ posts and 20,000+ post engagements later, I know that I’m just getting started in this field. As I reach the closing credits of my role as the VPPR, I need to find a new means to channel my creative energy. Hence, these medium posts! I want to use medium as a platform to develop my writing skills and put my work out into the world (and market myself!). Unlike my previous immature teenage self, who spent unlimited time on building a virtual identity, I want to spend the limited time I have to build a real identity, through my thoughts, ideas and actions.

When I spent my time building a virtual identity, taking inconsequential quizzes and showing off the ‘best’ parts of my life, social media was truly a bane. When I now spend my time building a brand, channeling my creative energy and showing the world a glimpse of my work, social media is moving towards being a boon. Social media used to be sanctuary for procrastination. Now, however it is a quite spot for thinking, learning and improving productivity.

Thanks for reading! If you have questions on building a brand, channeling your creative energy or social media marketing, chat me up on LinkedIn.



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