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Abhishek Rathan Athreya
2 min readDec 10, 2017

Up until recently, I was waltzing through life! I was going with the flow just like most of the world. I had dreams, goals and aspirations but I had ‘no time’ to pursue them. I used to stay up till 2 a.m in the morning pondering over Manga until my eyes forcefully shut themselves. The mornings were impossible! I used to snooze my alarm at least 4 times and get up purposeless, hopeless and restless. Welcome to another boring day!

Late to bed and late to rise made my mornings worse and my goals paid the price!

The 2 hour cab rides to office were designated self-talk time. I questioned my long hours of travel, inadequate physical activity and insufficient rest!

Why had I become this? I was the ‘motivation’ guy! Where had that motivation gone?

I reached office and expected the day to be as uneventful as every other day in the recent past. Little did I know…

I spent a majority of day building a critical feature that was due for release soon. My mind was entangled in intricacies of NodeJS. I was in desperate need of a break, hence I turned on my favorite stress buster, YouTube.

Through some charmed coincidence or tantalizing twist of fate, this video popped up in my ‘Recommended’ list. A peek into Karim’s day rekindled every ounce of motivation within me. The one thing that stood out for me was his use of audiobooks. I always wanted to explore new ideologies, but reading books never appealed me. Audiobooks were an interesting alternative and I was willing to give them a try.

On my cab ride back home, I began listening to my first ever audiobook, Beast mode activated. The flow of new ideologies into my mind was surprisingly soothing and hence began my love for audiobooks!

Audiobooks soon became a part of my life. The flow of ideologies was so natural to me that I could instantly begin to apply my learnings. The following were the observable effects of audiobooks in my life —

  • I began waking up early, commuting to the gym and working out there, just to keep my mind busy with Audiobooks.

In a way, my outer self began to change thanks to audiobooks!

  • The smooth flow of positive ideologies in my life, made me take more steps towards a positive life. My writing and my creative thinking can be attributed to audiobooks!

The penetration of the audiobooks is so high that I’m able to change my inner self, too.

That’s how one simple tip of ‘listening to audiobooks’ created widespread positive change in my life. Why don’t you give audiobooks a try?

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