Success is a game of Probability!

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
2 min readDec 3, 2017

The term ‘Success’ has multiple definitions! Each of those definitions is closely tied to the perspectives of the person defining it.

We all seek success in one form or another. If you don’t seek success in any form, you’re either enlightened or lazy.

The biggest misconception we all have about success is that success occurs magically at a single point in time. Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger woke up as the world’s best bodybuilder one day? Obviously not, he worked towards his success EVERYDAY!

The success mantra of working EVERYDAY is the most common piece of advice we read/listen to. Being an engineer, I have my own take on this fabled mantra.

When we work on a task, there is a probability (or likelihood) associated with its success.

If we work on a task on a single day the probability (or likelihood) of success is small. If we however, work on the same task for an extended period (say everyday), the probability of success builds on the previous value on goes on increasing.

In other words, the more we do the task we want to succeed in, higher the probability of success.

Simple, right? Simple, but not easy!

For all those of you trying to succeed in a particular aspect of your life, add it to your everyday routine.

  • If the probability reaches a level where success is imminent, congratulations you have succeeded at the task you set out to achieve.
  • If you don’t succeed right away, fret not! You just increased your likelihood of your success.

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