Respect the GRIND

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
1 min readMar 10, 2018

When you hit a dead-end on an assignment.

When life puts an end to all your excitement.

When you lose the game, despite your effort.

When people compare your dreams to lowly dirt.

When your friends think of you as an utter failure.

When the sight of your goals becomes ever so blur.

Every inch of your body will refuse to work.

Your fear will scare you of the challenges that lurk.

The challenges ahead are both real and true.

Fear is a crippling feeling, don’t let it get you.

Work through the challenges all day, all night.

The Grind is the weapon that’ll help you fight.

For each person who ridiculed you, work twice as hard.

Become so successful, you don’t need a business card.

The roads to success are many more than one.

You can walk on neither if you refuse to get the work done.

Know that you need to control your body and mind.

Know that success will follow you, when you respect the GRIND.

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