One piece of advice changed my life!

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
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The Indian Education system had taught me the lesson of playing safe and that lesson dictated most decisions of my life.

I used to miss the gym, because I had to finish an assignment at work.

I used to commit only to projects, that I could complete comfortably.

I used to take the safe route, all day, everyday.

This ‘limiting’ mindset had placed more shackles on me than I could begin to comprehend!

On a random Thursday evening, I was listening to the audiobook — ‘The 10X rule’ by Grant Cardone. The information was just flowing through me until a sentence caught my attention -

‘Commit first, figure out the details later.’

This sentence was in complete contrast to my ‘safe’ mindset. According to the book, this sentence was what the successful people lived by. Could one simple sentence be the difference between me and someone supremely successful?

I was curious to try this piece of advice and began by committing to my workout schedule. I committed to working out every single day, no matter how hard my day was. Few days after this commitment, working out became a vital habit. Instead of skipping my workout session for other tasks, I found ways to squeeze in a workout!

Surprised by the results of committing to a task. I began to commit to every project I could lay my hands on at work. All of a sudden, I was working two projects and leading a team of interns in a third one. I was stretched beyond my ‘limits’ but there was an odd sense of satisfaction. I was learning new things, experiencing new feelings and moving past new milestones!

I continue to transform physically and professionally thanks to this simple piece of advice -

‘Commit first, figure out the details later.’

Instead of overwhelming ourselves with the details of the task, it is better to just commit to the task. Once we commit to it, it becomes a priority and we will always find a way to work on our priority.

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