Intimidation Game!

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
2 min readDec 4, 2017


When I decided to begin my writing spree, I faced an unconquerable obstacle. I was venturing into a field with stars like Nicolas and veterans like Benjamin. I truly felt like an algae in comparison to those ‘big fish’! Hence began the intimidation game.

For a person like me, who had not written more than 200 words at once the task of writing one Medium post everyday seemed daunting. The ‘big fish’ were crunching over 10,000 words a day and there I was, struggling to connect words into meaningful sentences.

How will people ever notice my work when I’m competing with such giants?

was a constant question in head. Ironically, I stumbled upon the answer in one of Nicolas’ posts. I realized two things —

  • Choice
    I had to make a choice between competing with mediocre writers (and being mediocre) and competing with the best writers (and striving to be the best). The choice was pretty obvious.

I wanted to be the best, for that I had to compete with the best.

  • Perspective
    The people I was comparing myself with also started somewhere. They too had a journey, a realization and a transformation. Instead getting intimidated by these people, I realized that I need to draw inspiration from them.

I’m competing with people much better than me. I won’t be intimidated, I will be inspired.

Once I made the choice and changed the perspective, the situation didn’t seem that grim.

If you are ever fall into the intimidation game, make a choice and change your perspective. That’s the only cheatsheet you’ll ever need to beat the Intimidation Game!

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