I’m a hypocrite and so are you!

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
2 min readDec 29, 2017

After about two years, I met a ‘long lost’ (we studied together a long time ago and both of us were lost in our work life!) college friend. Let’s call this college friend X. We had so much to talk about — from the booming crypto-currencies to the boredom of the desk life! After first round of discussion, I asked X —

Do you write regularly?

I knew that X had written some amazing answers on Quora, but lately I hadn’t seen any of his work. He paused for a second and said that he hadn’t been writing off-late. He told me that he had a blog where he posted short-stories! That’s so cool! But what wasn’t cool was the fact that he wasn’t writing anymore. I took this opportunity to do what I do best, give gyan! I told him —

You should write regularly no matter what! Writing keeps your creativity alive.

It was at that moment that I realized that I was an exceptional hypocrite! I spent 3 days vacationing in Goa where I made no attempt to write a single word, I take random days off my writing for no apparent reason and I give up writing in lieu of any other ‘priority’! I have not written regularly, I have not placed writing as a priority and yet I asked someone else to do it.

Why should anyone listen to my advice when I myself don’t?

This experience was my much needed wake up call! This post, might be the much needed wake up call for you —

Don’t give advice that you don’t follow! Please don’t be a hypocrite!

I have many plans for the year 2018, but ending my innate hypocrisy is the top contender. Thanks for reading!

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