How to kill the Beast?


  • Level up!
    Life is like a video-game, with you as the protagonist and the fear that prevents you from your life’s goal as the enemy boss. For those of you who have played video games, you’ll probably know that there is no way that we can kill the enemy boss right after we begin the game. We need to kill smaller enemies, gain experience and then kill the enemy boss. Similarly, to kill your larger fears, start by killing the smaller fears that bother you. For example, I have the goal of becoming a motivational speaker, but the fear of taking stage cripples me. To combat this I started killing the smaller fear of putting my ideas in front of people, through my Medium posts.

Kill small beasts. Level up. Kill the large beast!

  • Observe.
    We humans are blessed with the ability of grasping new ideologies and practices, through observation. There are numerous people around us who have killed the beast, not once but multiple times over. The more we observe them, the more we learn from them and the easier it is to kill the beast within our lives. For example, I listen to the podcasts of Robin Sharma to understand how titans like him kill the beast.

Observe how TITANS kill the beast. Chances are you may pick up a thing or two.

  • Leap!
    Our mind is a surprisingly complex, yet surprisingly foolish tool. There are ways we can condition our mind to think about things that are conducive to our growth. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It is simple, it isn’t easy though. Whenever your mind drifts into fear, make a conscious effort of leaping to a happier thought. For example, when my fear kicks in and tells me that I can’t become a Top Medium Writer, I leap to the thought of the perks of being a Top Medium Writer. The first few times, the leaps were short-lived. Soon, however the leaps are able to help me leave fear behind.

Leaping away from fear on to a more positive thought, takes away the power from fear. Take away it’s power and KILL it!

Fear is a beast we ought to kill. The weapons you need are as simple as LOL!
Level up. Observe. Leap.



Self-Improvement blogger. Motivational speaker. Technology Enthusiast.

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Abhishek Rathan Athreya

Abhishek Rathan Athreya


Self-Improvement blogger. Motivational speaker. Technology Enthusiast.