How do you deal with disappointment?

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
2 min readJan 13, 2018


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In August 2012, I got into one of the best Engineering Universities of my country, BITS Pilani. I entered the gates of BITS Pilani with grand plans. I wished to be a 10 pointer, who excelled at Dota and Presided over major student clubs.

In July 2016, I graduated from Pilani without fulfilling any of those aspirations. I worked really hard to get a perfect CGPA, I spent hours honing my Dota skills, I spoke to numerous seniors about student clubs. Yet, I failed miserably at all those pursuits! Have you ever worked so hard for something, only to fail at it?

The feeling of disappointment that follows failure is the worst of its kind!

I carried that disappointment for weeks, until I sat myself down and thought about it. While I was busy being disappointed, I was ignoring the fact that I had secured a job in PayPal. While I was busy being disappointed, I was forgetting how much of a physical transformation I had been through. While I was busy being disappointed, I was beating myself up for things I didn’t do instead of patting myself on the back for the things I did do.

Not having a perfect GPA made me addicted to self-improvement.

Not being a pro in Dota made me realize my strength lies in academics.

Not being a Presiding officer in a Student club gave me the time to spend with my friends.

The things I was disappointed for not achieving weren’t actually worth it. I was in a better position in my life thanks to my failure in those pursuits!

**Take away**

If you are disappointed with something, try the following —

  • Reflect on WHAT you are disappointed about.
  • Take note of the GOOD and BAD things about the said disappointment.
  • Focus on the GOOD and build on it.

Disappointment has the power to rid you of all your hope. Instead of fighting a losing battle, focus on the GOOD that the failure caused you and build on it.

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