Here is all you need to know about the 10X rule.

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
3 min readJan 2, 2018

As we welcome the year of 2018, we take mental notes of all that we wish to accomplish this year. Every goal, aspiration and dream that you have is worth achieving and here is a useful rule that you can use to achieve them. The rule is —

The 10X rule

What is the 10X rule?

The 10X rule is a mindset in which we envision our dreams to be at least 10 times larger than we hope for. Remember at least 10 times. While this is an integral part of the 10X rule, it isn’t the complete package. Envisioning 10X is just the first half of the rule! The second half of the rule is to put in 10X effort. While most people succeed in envisioning 10X goals, they fail at putting in 10X effort towards those goals.

Here is an example —

My goal — To be a Top Writer in Medium.

My 10X goal — To be the BEST writer in Medium.

Effort for the goal — One Medium Post every two days.

10X Effort — At least 5 Medium Posts a day.

Although I have successfully envisioned the 10X goal, I’m yet to put in10X effort. No wonder I’m still a rookie Medium writer!

Why does 10X rule work?

There are major reasons the 10X rule works —

  1. Glamor— When you envision a 10X goal, it paints a more glamorous picture in your head. The more glamorous the picture in your head is, the more you’d want to achieve it. For example, imagine that your goal is to reduce your weight slightly. What picture does it paint in your head? Mediocrity, Limited happiness and boredom! Now imagine that your goal is to reduce weight to the point that you have well defined abs. What picture does it paint in your head? Confidence, Positive Aura and Excitement. Now is it clear why sticking to glamorous goals is easier?
  2. Consistency — When you commit to putting 10X effort, you are committing to consistently work towards your goals. Consistency is the key to success! For example, imagine the effort I put towards my fitness goal is working out three days a week. I will only take steps towards my goal every alternate day for a few hours. Now imagine the 10X effort I put towards my 10X goal is working out six days a week and following a strict diet for every meal. I will take steps towards my goal almost every few hours. The more I take action, the more consistent I become towards my goal.

Why failing at a 10X goal is not that bad?

By definition a 10X goal is ‘at least’ 10 times what you originally hope for. Even if you fail, you will land at a position that is much better that your original hoped for. On the contrary if you continue with the ‘normal’ mindset, failure will leave you nowhere close to where you anticipated!


The year of 2018 presents you with 365 new opportunities. Use each opportunity with the mindset of 10X.

Dream 10X. Work 10X. Live 10X!

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