Basics of a Breakthrough

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
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Most of us are stuck in a certain area of our life, be it fitness, career or relationships. The only thing that can save us is a Breakthrough.

According to Google —

Breakthrough is a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.

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I was under the impression that Breakthroughs are random and occur when the planets align in a certain way. But, Tony Robbins taught me that we can run towards a breakthrough by focussing on —


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The Strategy defines how we approach a goal.

If we choose the wrong kind of how we will have to wait years for a breakthrough. If we, however, choose the right kind of how we will achieve a breakthrough in weeks.

Despite it’s importance, we play very little attention to Strategy. In this day and age of technology every strategy (for every goal) is easily accessible. Most of them, for free! Yet, we go in, execute blindly and hope for a breakthrough.

If we want to take the fast-lane to success, we need to focus on developing a great Strategy.


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Every morning we tell ourselves a story.

A story of why we aren’t fit enough.

A story of why we aren’t successful enough.

A story of why our relationships aren’t where we want them to be.

The more we tell ourselves those stories, the more we believe them.

I don’t believe in positive-thinking. But, I do believe that stopping the negative story we tell ourselves, will take us a long way.

The negative story we tell ourselves is increasing the distance between us and a breakthrough. Once we lose the negative stories, the Breakthrough will be within our grasp.


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The final and most important ingredient to a breakthrough is the physical state we are in.

Our physical state varies between energetic enthusiasm and lacklustre laziness. Often it is controlled by the circumstances we face. The instant we face rejection or failure, our physical state automatically shifts to that of lacklustre laziness.

When our physical state is that of energetic enthusiasm, we lose track of time, give our 100% and move closer to a Breakthrough.

When our physical state is that of lacklustre laziness, we lose interest, give ourselves reasons to quit and stagnate.

If we wish to move towards a breakthrough, we need to control our State.

In Summary

A paraphrase of Tony’s definition of a Breakthrough is —

A moment in time when the impossible becomes possible.

Breakthroughs are vital, for us to realize the full potential of our being. Instead of treating them as elements of chance, we should pursue them by focussing on the 3S’s —

Strategy. Story. State.

Now go on! Chase your Breakthrough.

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