A lesson on Productivity from a serial Procrastinator!

  • When my mind drifted into the past and reminded me of my failures, I got stressed. As a result of that stress, I indulged procrastination by looking for my papers from the previous semester (easier task) instead of studying for my current semester (difficult task).
  • When I got stressed about wasting the whole day, my mind indulged in procrastination by thinking about possible scenarios in the future (easier task) instead of fixing the current scenario (difficult task).
  • Each time you catch yourself procrastinating, stop and ask yourself —
  • Once you know the answer to that question, do everything in your power to prevent yourself from overthinking about it!
  • Last, but far from the least, ask yourself —
  • Now that you know the answer to reducing your stress, the procrastination should ideally diminish.



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Abhishek Rathan Athreya

Abhishek Rathan Athreya


Self-Improvement blogger. Motivational speaker. Technology Enthusiast.