2 life lessons Bodybuilding taught me

Abhishek Rathan Athreya
2 min readDec 1, 2017


Bodybuilding was an interest I picked up during the third year of engineering. What started off as a pass time, eventually went on to become an important aspect of my life. As I work my way through bodybuilding routines everyday, I learn new life-lessons. Here are the most important ones —

1. Discipline is key!

The discipline aspect of bodybuilding can’t be overstated.

Most bodybuilding routines involve a strict workout schedule, a calculated diet and a multitude of supplements!

The amount of discipline one has towards the ‘routine’ is a key indicator of a bodybuilder’s success.

Like bodybuilding, all life goals have different aspects that one needs to manage. Our discipline towards those aspects determines our success in the said goal!

2. Time is necessary!

Bodybuilding is a slow sport.

Most bodybuilding routines require a strict timeline and a large investment in time.

The sheer complexity of bodybuilding makes time a vital ingredient to it’s success.

Like bodybuilding, all life goals have an inherent complexity that only time can solve. No matter how hard we try, we won’t be able to trade in ‘work’ for ‘time’.

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